Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello? Hello? Oh Hi there

I think things are finally getting back to order. After last year of being partially laid off, to completely being without a job, which I sure found tons of things to fill up my time when I wasn't out searching for a new job. Now I'm back to working full-time (YIPEEEEE) but it's taken a while to balance out my full-time work schedule, my family, and all the activities I took up to in my "free" time. I hate giving up the activities, my hobbies. I'm not giving them up, but I'm learning to balance them so I can still enjoy them.

My favorite hobby is reading and reviewing the books I read. Last year I kept track of every book I read, this year, not even close. I used to have lists of what I read each month and what I rated them, this year, not at ALL.

I really got into the reviewing and helping out with the Enchanting Reviews group, now I need to get back into it. I really like the people I've met through there and I want to bring more to the site, but I've been an absent reviewer there. I've kept up with reviewing on Night Owl Romance, also another group of wonderful people, but I started with ER and really want to continue to be a part of the structure. Now I need to step it up and get my ass in gear. I want to work with both sites, I should be able to do it, I just need to keep myself on track.

I love to read so the reading isn't an issue, I just need to get my thoughts on board after I read the books...shouldn't be tough I love to give my opinion! LOL

Sometimes it's hard to verbally express what I felt about a book. The easiest book reviews for me to write are the stories I love or hate...I have a hardest time with writing about the books I just liked...sounds dumb I know, but unless a particular thing reaches out and grabs me, I sit there staring at a blank screen thinking "I liked this book..."but now I need to back up the statement as to why. Anyone else have that problem? Or is it Just Me?