Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Scarabaeus #2
Science Fiction Romance
EOS an imprint of Harper Collins
336 pages

Available Now

Edie Sha'nim and Finn are back, picking up shortly after we last saw them, having escaped Scarabaeus and the Crib. Edie is in a bad way as she is in desperate need of a new neuroxin implant. Still connected by the neurological tether planted by the Crib, Finn is anxious to help Edie. Though the leash isn't the only thing holding him, he truly cares for her. When the Fringe post they are on is overtaken by the Crib, Edie and Finn attempt to escape, only to be recaptured.

Being the best cypherteck, Edie is not someone the Crib is willing to let got. Liv Natesa needs Edie and has no problem using Finn once again to convince Edie to help her fix her latest project, the one she is currently using children to fix, children from Talas, children like Edie when she first started working for the Crib.

Can Edie and Finn release the children from the Crib? Can Edie and Finn's leash be broken? What will become of them if it is? Will Finn still want to stay with Edie? Why are they drawn back to Scarabaeus? Does she still sing for release or is there something more sinister holding on to the planet?

So many questions, and only one way to find out the answers... you must read CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS!

Sara Creasy took me on another phenomenal trip across the universe in CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS, as she continued to catapult me into the thrilling escapades of Edie and Finn. She did a fantastic job weaving adventure, suspense, science fiction, and romance into an captivating tale that enthralled me from start to finish.

I loved watching Edie and Finn's relationship go to the next level and continue to grow. I could understand Edie's fears and struggles, as she wasn't sure if Finn was with her only because of the leash or if he truly had feelings for her. She also knew that she was risking a lot by refusing to leave the children to the Crib. I loved that Ms. Creasy took her to the edge and didn't give her an easy out.

We were never left wondering what Finn would do, and I liked that. He was very straightforward in his feelings. It doesn't hurt that Finn is such a delicious character, he's strong, very alpha, caring and absolutely oozes sex appeal. If I had to be attached to someone, he would be a top-pick!

I liked how Scarabaeus was worked back into the story, it was a very interesting twist that I never expected. I also liked seeing Cat again, she was a fun, interesting character that I would like to see more of, she has a lot of depth and mystery that I think would be great to explore further, if Ms. Creasy ever chose to expand on this series. I really hope that she writes more about Finn and Edie, I would like to see where else their travels could take them and what other kind of trouble could they get in and out of.

Rating: 5 / 5

Review: THE EDGE OF THE NIGHT by Jill Sorenson

Romantic Suspense
Random House Publishing
432 pages

Available: April 5, 2011

 When a killer strikes close to home, April Ortiz is willing to do what she can to protect herself and her young daughter Jenny. When Police Officer, Noah Young comes asking questions, April takes a chance. She slips him some information that may help him, even at her own risk. Noah is enthralled by the sexy waitress, and willing to listen to her. Can the police catch the murder before there are more victims? Pursuing April could have consequences with his job, dare he risk his career over his emotions?

THE EDGE OF THE NIGHT was a spectacular read. Jill Sorenson has created one of the sweetest, sexiest police officer hero's I've ever read. The non-stop action and the budding romance between April and Noah, made for a fast-paced tale which I was unable to put down until the very end. I highly suggest blocking off a good amount of time when you pick this book up, because you're not going to want to put it down. The suspense of who the killer was had an edge-of-your seat thrill that kept me wondering what was going to happen next, and I had difficulty pegging the villain until the end. This is a book I can't wait to share with my friends!

 Noah doesn't hold the cynicism that most police/military heroes seem to have.  There isn't the dark-grittiness of someone whose been hurt by tragedy nor the been-there-done-that-nothing-surprises-him attitude. He's so fresh and energetic still, and I absolutely loved it! It was a unique twist, keeping the romantic suspense genre from going stale.

April was no angel, yet for all her experiences and life lessons, she retained a sweetness that resounded throughout the pages. She knows that she made bad choices in her youth, but has matured to regret her actions which helped shape her into the person she is now. Jenny is her life, and she would do anything for her.

The side story of Meghan and Eric was terrific...though I really wish Eric had made a different choice in the end.  I could understand where he was coming from for most of his choices, even if I didn't like them. Both Meghan and Eric were very charismatic and I felt that their relationship kept the rest of the plot moving along, while helping shape certain outcomes of the book. I would love to see them have their own book in the future.

I loved the emotions that Ms Sorenson brought out in this book. There was the desire that sprung between Noah and April, which I couldn't wait to see fulfilled, the action of Noah's job and the gang life going on throughout the book, April's fears about where a relationship with Noah could possibly go, and the hunt for the killer who kept getting closer. Everything together kept me wrapped tightly into this tale.
I'm looking forward to whatever Ms. Sorenson has coming up next, as she is easily an auto-buy author for me.

Rating: 5/5

Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: CAPTIVE by Christina Phillips

Forbidden #2
Historical Romance (Roman Empire)

Berkley Heat by Penguin Group (USA)
322 Pages

Available Now

Seeking revenge against the Romans, Morwyn leaves her fellow Druids to join a band of rebels. But before she reaches her destination, she is captured by the enemy. Soon she finds herself struggling to resist her desires from a dangerous, yet alluring Gaul mercenary. The longer she is in his company, the harder it is for her remember her wish to escape.

Brennus infiltrated the Roman Legion three years ago, and continues to seek the best way to destroy his enemies. Saving the ravishing Celt from his fellow soldiers, he vows to make her succumb to their passion. He cannot allow her to know he is not the enemy she believes, knowing he must continue his facade. Yet the more time they are together, he finds the ice in his heart melting bit by bit.

With her beliefs shaken, Morwyn in no way wishes to please her Goddess, but has her Goddess relinquished her, or is she leading her along her true path?


Christina Phillips weaves a fascinating tale with an intricate setting and powerful characters, intertwining the deep emotional turmoil of guilt, hatred and searing passions in her latest erotic historical romance, CAPTIVE. I loved finding a historical romance that took place somewhere other than England's ballrooms. I've been craving a different setting and Ms. Phillips definitely satisfied that want, with her rich details of the Roman invasion of Britain.

I loved how Bren and Morwyn were able to move into a relationship, with so much against them. There was little reason for them to trust each other, yet they found themselves wanting to believe the best in each other. I found it interesting how Morwyn twisted her desire into an acceptable penalty to her shaken faith, while she tried to keep her heart out of it, she didn't quite succeed. But then again, neither did Bren, who fought a guilt as strong as hers. The passion between them was scorching hot, and I felt Ms. Phillips did a great job creating sizzling scenes that never seemed to get lost in over-the-top prose.

The struggle of the war being fought around them was not lost in the story, as Bren and Morwyn both had loyalties and promises they needed to fulfill. I like that neither were willing to give up their cause, even if unbeknownst to them it was for the same side.

I would have liked to have seen Morwyn fulfill her promise to Carys, though I was happy to get a glimpse of Carys and Maximus and their future. I am  definitely looking for more of the Forbidden series, I hope it won't be too long until the next book is published.
Rating 4.5 / 5

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER by Julianne MacLean

Highlander #2
Historical Romance (Scottish)
St. Martins Press

336 pages
Available March 29, 2011

Launching a surprise attack on those inhabiting his home, Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is determined to take back what is rightfully his. To secure his conquered castle, he insists on marring Gwendolen to unite the battling clans.

Forced to wed the fearsome warrior, Gwendolen is unwilling to give up without a fight. Can she keep her heart closed, when he ignites her passions?

There is an enemy lurking in the shadows, on whose side will Gwendolen choose?
CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER was an engrossing tale that pulled me in from the first page and kept me engaged until the last. Angus was delicious in his ferocious warrior self. While he was the man in charge, he wasn't a complete ass about it. His past experiences enhanced his character and gave him certain ethics, which I felt made it easy to believe his enemies would respect him, agreeing to stay and combine the clans. Gwendolen was a likeable character who had a few “duh” moments, but she mostly kept her head about her. I enjoyed watching Angus and her struggle to deal with their new feelings.
The one person that I really couldn't stand in this story, ok there were a few others...BUT Gwendolen's mother, Onora was the most irritating of them all. I just wanted to lock her in a dungeon. I could understand some of her actions, but I just didn't like her, and would have preferred to have seen less of her.

The character I want to see more of is Lachlan. I really hope his story is the next! There is a man that needs to find someone to give him a run for his money. It seems that the women just fall to easily for him, I hope to see him brought down a bit. :-)
Rating 4/5

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: SCANDAL OF THE YEAR by Olivia Drake

Heiress in London #3
Historical Romance (Regency)
St. Martins Press

352 pages

Release: March 2011

Blythe Compton knows that if she can marry a duke she will guarantee her parents a strong social position. But when she meets the family's dashing new servant, she can't seem to remember why she ever wanted to marry so high.

James Ryding is determined to discover whether or not he's been robbed of his inheritance. Integrating himself into the Compton household as a servant, he sets out to prove that Blythe's parents are frauds. But what he doesn't count on is the deep feelings he acquires for her.


I found it difficult to dredge up any passion for SCANDAL OF THE YEAR. The whole plot line just seemed to fall flat and neither James nor Blythe appealed to me. James was very arrogant and sure of himself, I know, so are most romance novel hero's, but he was supposed to be acting like a servant. I just never felt a connection with him, nor with Blythe, who I found to be a twit. She was an aspiring social climber, whose only real thought was that if she could marry well in the British aristocracy, she would ensure her parents a high place in society. I felt that the characters really lacked any depth, coming off as one dimensional.

The whole mystery of whether or not the Compton's were impostors wasn't even that interesting. Of course I wanted to find out, but it just seemed that most of the investigating took place off-scene. I was surprised that James wasn't more involved in the actually searching. Sure there were a few moments where he searched some spots, but nothing intense. All in all this was a very mediocre read for me.

Rating 3/5