Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Scarabaeus #2
Science Fiction Romance
EOS an imprint of Harper Collins
336 pages

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Edie Sha'nim and Finn are back, picking up shortly after we last saw them, having escaped Scarabaeus and the Crib. Edie is in a bad way as she is in desperate need of a new neuroxin implant. Still connected by the neurological tether planted by the Crib, Finn is anxious to help Edie. Though the leash isn't the only thing holding him, he truly cares for her. When the Fringe post they are on is overtaken by the Crib, Edie and Finn attempt to escape, only to be recaptured.

Being the best cypherteck, Edie is not someone the Crib is willing to let got. Liv Natesa needs Edie and has no problem using Finn once again to convince Edie to help her fix her latest project, the one she is currently using children to fix, children from Talas, children like Edie when she first started working for the Crib.

Can Edie and Finn release the children from the Crib? Can Edie and Finn's leash be broken? What will become of them if it is? Will Finn still want to stay with Edie? Why are they drawn back to Scarabaeus? Does she still sing for release or is there something more sinister holding on to the planet?

So many questions, and only one way to find out the answers... you must read CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS!

Sara Creasy took me on another phenomenal trip across the universe in CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS, as she continued to catapult me into the thrilling escapades of Edie and Finn. She did a fantastic job weaving adventure, suspense, science fiction, and romance into an captivating tale that enthralled me from start to finish.

I loved watching Edie and Finn's relationship go to the next level and continue to grow. I could understand Edie's fears and struggles, as she wasn't sure if Finn was with her only because of the leash or if he truly had feelings for her. She also knew that she was risking a lot by refusing to leave the children to the Crib. I loved that Ms. Creasy took her to the edge and didn't give her an easy out.

We were never left wondering what Finn would do, and I liked that. He was very straightforward in his feelings. It doesn't hurt that Finn is such a delicious character, he's strong, very alpha, caring and absolutely oozes sex appeal. If I had to be attached to someone, he would be a top-pick!

I liked how Scarabaeus was worked back into the story, it was a very interesting twist that I never expected. I also liked seeing Cat again, she was a fun, interesting character that I would like to see more of, she has a lot of depth and mystery that I think would be great to explore further, if Ms. Creasy ever chose to expand on this series. I really hope that she writes more about Finn and Edie, I would like to see where else their travels could take them and what other kind of trouble could they get in and out of.

Rating: 5 / 5