Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER by Julianne MacLean

Highlander #2
Historical Romance (Scottish)
St. Martins Press

336 pages
Available March 29, 2011

Launching a surprise attack on those inhabiting his home, Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is determined to take back what is rightfully his. To secure his conquered castle, he insists on marring Gwendolen to unite the battling clans.

Forced to wed the fearsome warrior, Gwendolen is unwilling to give up without a fight. Can she keep her heart closed, when he ignites her passions?

There is an enemy lurking in the shadows, on whose side will Gwendolen choose?
CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER was an engrossing tale that pulled me in from the first page and kept me engaged until the last. Angus was delicious in his ferocious warrior self. While he was the man in charge, he wasn't a complete ass about it. His past experiences enhanced his character and gave him certain ethics, which I felt made it easy to believe his enemies would respect him, agreeing to stay and combine the clans. Gwendolen was a likeable character who had a few “duh” moments, but she mostly kept her head about her. I enjoyed watching Angus and her struggle to deal with their new feelings.
The one person that I really couldn't stand in this story, ok there were a few others...BUT Gwendolen's mother, Onora was the most irritating of them all. I just wanted to lock her in a dungeon. I could understand some of her actions, but I just didn't like her, and would have preferred to have seen less of her.

The character I want to see more of is Lachlan. I really hope his story is the next! There is a man that needs to find someone to give him a run for his money. It seems that the women just fall to easily for him, I hope to see him brought down a bit. :-)
Rating 4/5