Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: SCANDAL OF THE YEAR by Olivia Drake

Heiress in London #3
Historical Romance (Regency)
St. Martins Press

352 pages

Release: March 2011

Blythe Compton knows that if she can marry a duke she will guarantee her parents a strong social position. But when she meets the family's dashing new servant, she can't seem to remember why she ever wanted to marry so high.

James Ryding is determined to discover whether or not he's been robbed of his inheritance. Integrating himself into the Compton household as a servant, he sets out to prove that Blythe's parents are frauds. But what he doesn't count on is the deep feelings he acquires for her.


I found it difficult to dredge up any passion for SCANDAL OF THE YEAR. The whole plot line just seemed to fall flat and neither James nor Blythe appealed to me. James was very arrogant and sure of himself, I know, so are most romance novel hero's, but he was supposed to be acting like a servant. I just never felt a connection with him, nor with Blythe, who I found to be a twit. She was an aspiring social climber, whose only real thought was that if she could marry well in the British aristocracy, she would ensure her parents a high place in society. I felt that the characters really lacked any depth, coming off as one dimensional.

The whole mystery of whether or not the Compton's were impostors wasn't even that interesting. Of course I wanted to find out, but it just seemed that most of the investigating took place off-scene. I was surprised that James wasn't more involved in the actually searching. Sure there were a few moments where he searched some spots, but nothing intense. All in all this was a very mediocre read for me.

Rating 3/5