Monday, March 26, 2012

sneak peak of HUNTER'S RISE by Shiloh Walker

 Snippet (warning... Toronto is something of a smart-ass)

Not the ideal place for a fight. He'd done it before and managed to avoid human casualties, but he suspected that Sylvia James was a different breed from what he was used to. Ferals fought to live, so they could kill—by nature, most of them weren't always clearheaded. Sylvia, like him, was a trained killer. She would be clearheaded. It would make a difference.

He hunted the ferals.

She hunted for money.

In the end, he'd win, because he was stronger.

But he didn't want to have to fight her. He wanted to have sex with her—down and dirty sex, maybe up against a wall, in the light so he could watch her. Then on a bed, her body under his, or over . . . his hands tangled in that dark, silken hair.

"You know, most men would at least bother to introduce themselves before the guy starts picturing the woman naked," she drawled, coming to a stop eighteen inches away.

Toronto smirked. "That's bullshit. We see a woman, we frequently picture them naked. We mess with the names when we want to actually think about getting them in bed. Some of us, at least." He skimmed a look over her body, taking in the sleek muscles, the powerhouse curves. Then he focused on her face again, smiled slowly. "So. What's your name?"

Due out 4/3/2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review of : TAMING AN IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE by Suzanne Enoch

Scandalous Brides #2
historical romance
St Martin's Press

Lady Camille Pryce left her arrogant fiance at the alter. After everyone turned their backs on her, she was fortunate enough to find work at the famed Tantalus Club.

Keating Blackwood has shunned society since his last scandal. Now his haughty, self-important cousin, Stephen Pollard, the Marquis of Fenton is demanding Keating bring his fiancee back to him. For Stephen has been barred from entering the Tantalus Club, and can't do so himself.
Can Keating convince Camille to marry his cousin? 


Suzanne Enoch is one of my favorite historical romance authors, and in Taming an Impossible Rogue she did not disappoint!

Keating was able to draw Camille out of herself, and made her dare to seek more out of life. I loved how they would tease and tantalize each other. They had a fantastic chemistry that positively sizzled. I also loved how he was upfront with her about everything that was going on. 
One of my biggest pet peeves in books is when there is a huge misunderstanding that could be easily avoided. Instead Ms. Enoch has Camille and Keating aware of what is going on, creating even more challenging scenarios as these characters have learned to love each other, but they cannot find a way out of their situation. Well, of course there is a solution to their problem so that they can find their Happily Ever After, otherwise I wouldn't be reading a romance.

I look forward to Ms. Enoch's next book, and to more of the ladies of the Tantalus Club.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: A LADY NEVER SURRENDERS by Sabrina Jeffries

Hellions of Halstead Hall #5
Historical Romance

Celia Sharp is determined to outwit her grandma's marriage ultimatum once and for all. She just needs to find a few suitable candidates. She has her sights set on three bachelors, but in order to be sure, she decides to have Mr. Pinter do some investigating for her.
Jackson Pinter has been denying his attraction to the lovely Celia. When she comes to him with her proposition, he finds himself in a difficult position. He'd offer for her himself, but as a bastard commoner, he doesn't feel he is good enough for her, and knows that people will assume he is just after her inheritance. 
Soon Celia and Jackson find themselves not only fighting their growing attraction but also fighting to stay alive, as they grow closer to finding the truth behind Celia's parents' deaths.

FINALLY we have Jackson and Celia's story AND the mystery of her parents' deaths is solved! I've been waiting for their story for a while, as I could tell from their bickering in the previous books that they were destine for each other, and I was not disappointed.
I enjoyed seeing Celia and Jackson struggle with there feelings for each other, as they had to prove to themselves that each was worthy of the other. Jackson was sure that he was unworthy because of his station in life, and Celia had her own issues. Of course Grandma Hetty didn't help issues any with her dabbling and conniving. I was happy when they finally reached their HEA ending.
I also enjoyed the suspense of who the murder was. It wasn't completely obvious and while Ms. Jeffries threw in hints of the culprit, she also threw in enough other things to keep me off balance.
I'm pleased that the Hellions of Halstead Hal have all found their true loves, and I look forward to Ms. Jeffries next book.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Promotion... How Much is Too Much?

I see this topic come up every once in a while, and again just recently.

I find it ironic how the people that gripe about the OVER promotion of some books, are the same people pimping their own share of books.  I understand, because sometimes I get sick of seeing certain titles/authors raved about, but I don't bitch about it because I do my share of book/author pimping.

I see the main focus on new authors, and wonder, what are they supposed to do?  They are obviously getting the word out and people talking about their debut. But does this ever backfire on them?

hmmm...I don't know the answer.  I just felt annoyed by all the "I would NEVER buy "that" book because it's over promoted."  blah blah blah, by the same people that are telling me "You've GOT to read "this" book, it's the best thing ever!"