Friday, March 2, 2012

Promotion... How Much is Too Much?

I see this topic come up every once in a while, and again just recently.

I find it ironic how the people that gripe about the OVER promotion of some books, are the same people pimping their own share of books.  I understand, because sometimes I get sick of seeing certain titles/authors raved about, but I don't bitch about it because I do my share of book/author pimping.

I see the main focus on new authors, and wonder, what are they supposed to do?  They are obviously getting the word out and people talking about their debut. But does this ever backfire on them?

hmmm...I don't know the answer.  I just felt annoyed by all the "I would NEVER buy "that" book because it's over promoted."  blah blah blah, by the same people that are telling me "You've GOT to read "this" book, it's the best thing ever!"