Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: A LADY NEVER SURRENDERS by Sabrina Jeffries

Hellions of Halstead Hall #5
Historical Romance

Celia Sharp is determined to outwit her grandma's marriage ultimatum once and for all. She just needs to find a few suitable candidates. She has her sights set on three bachelors, but in order to be sure, she decides to have Mr. Pinter do some investigating for her.
Jackson Pinter has been denying his attraction to the lovely Celia. When she comes to him with her proposition, he finds himself in a difficult position. He'd offer for her himself, but as a bastard commoner, he doesn't feel he is good enough for her, and knows that people will assume he is just after her inheritance. 
Soon Celia and Jackson find themselves not only fighting their growing attraction but also fighting to stay alive, as they grow closer to finding the truth behind Celia's parents' deaths.

FINALLY we have Jackson and Celia's story AND the mystery of her parents' deaths is solved! I've been waiting for their story for a while, as I could tell from their bickering in the previous books that they were destine for each other, and I was not disappointed.
I enjoyed seeing Celia and Jackson struggle with there feelings for each other, as they had to prove to themselves that each was worthy of the other. Jackson was sure that he was unworthy because of his station in life, and Celia had her own issues. Of course Grandma Hetty didn't help issues any with her dabbling and conniving. I was happy when they finally reached their HEA ending.
I also enjoyed the suspense of who the murder was. It wasn't completely obvious and while Ms. Jeffries threw in hints of the culprit, she also threw in enough other things to keep me off balance.
I'm pleased that the Hellions of Halstead Hal have all found their true loves, and I look forward to Ms. Jeffries next book.