Friday, October 1, 2010

Where did the time go...(yes I'm whining)

EEK..summer is gone, and we are already in the midst of fall.  Boy is it starting to feel it in Northern Michigan!   I love the crisp fall air and the changing of the leaves. The anticipation of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season!

Now if only things would slow down enough for me to be able to enjoy it all.  This summer was spent driving back and forth from my home in Northern Michigan, to my in-laws in the metroDetroit area. My FIL was in the hospital all summer and only recently got out. 

We made a quick trip to Wisconsin to pick the boys up from my Mom's, to go to my cousin's wedding and we went camping in the UP on our way back home. Then it was time for school to start.  Both of my boys are in football, so I've been running back and forth from work  to practices and games...and this weekend we are going back down to the metroDetroit area.

I've not gotten in much reading or reviewing lately...and now I'm ready to play with my card-making. Football is almost done, maybe I can squeeze in some extra time then.