Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CONTEST and Review of THE DANGER THAT IS DAMION by Lisa Renee Jones

LOVE this cover!!!!
Zodius #3
Military-style Suspense/Paranormal
Sourcebooks Casablanca

The Renegades are back!

While on stake-out, Damion observes the sexy Lara, who is much too interested in the scientist under his protection. When a chase ensues, Damion captures her, hoping to discover what Adam Rain is up to now. He soon learns that Adam isn't behind Lara's training. But will the Renegades be surprised when they obtain the name of her “creator”?

Lara has a long road to follow before she can allow herself to trust Damion and the other Renegades. Nothing is making sense. First she needs to discover what is going on with her memories. It seems that someone has tampered with her mind, and the consequences could kill her. But can she trust the Renegades' to help her?


THE DANGER THAT IS DAMION is my favorite Zodius book so far.  It's a fast-paced, action packed, thrill ride from the time you crack the cover open, right up to the turn of the last page! There is also plenty of hot romance stirred into the mix as Lara and Damion fight not only their enemies, but also their growing attraction.

Lisa Renee Jones has added new layers to her Zodius series, keeping it fresh without adding too many new players into the mix. Adam Rain and his Zodius soldiers aren't the main enemies this time around, but I wasn't surprised to see who was.

It took me a while to warm up to Lara, but as the story progressed and I began to understand her motives, that changed and I soon found myself liking her and her spirited attitude. Damion on the other hand is easy to love. He is determined to save the world from the Zodius, and soon you see his focus change to saving Lara, while saving the world. And he is just so dang sexy!

I also loved seeing the people I've met in the previous Zodius books. It was good to see Michael and Sterling - and their lifebonds, of course. :) I really liked seeing Caleb Rain, Dr. Kelly Peterson, and Dorian again. I can't wait to see how their lives are going to play out in the future books. I'm especially looking forward to discovering if Dorian is going to side with his Uncle Caleb or his father Adam.  I think Chale is up next, I can't wait to see what Lisa has in store for him.


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