Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: IF YOU KNOW HER by Shiloh Walker

Ash trilogy #3

A killer is still on the loose, but nobody knows it. The wrong man was pinned for the brutal death of Jolene Hollister, an evil man for sure, but not Joely's killer.

It's been six months since Nia Hollister's cousin was brutally murdered. A murder was brought to justice, but she can't find the closure she needs.

Law Reilly can't shake Nia from his mind. He knows that she has some serious issues dealing with the death of her cousin, and they still need to find the murderer.

Can they find the killer before he finds another victim?

OMG... I finally know WHO DID IT!!!!! Shiloh Walker reeled this reader in and keep her attention for THREE whole books to find out who Jolene's killer really was. I had my suspicions but never nailed him down until this book. Of course there was lots of action, romance, and thrills to get to this point.

I really enjoyed Nia and Law's road to their Happily Ever After. They would butt heads, but Law could bring her down and around (usually). I loved their hunt for the killer. Law had to convince Nia that she couldn't just go off half-cocked following the trail of the murderer, though that was no easy task. Their fiery chemistry kept the pages steaming.

I met a lot of great characters that I'm in no way ready to let go of. Lena and Ezra tied the knot and Hope and Remy were moving forward in their relationship, it was so nice to see their progressions since the last book. There is one police officer, who was being extra friendly with a local waitress that I would love to see a book about. *wink wink nudge nudge*

I'm already anticipating Ms. Walker's next book as she so rarely disappoints me.