Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: IF YOU SEE HER by Shiloh Walker

Ash Trilogy #2
Romantic Suspense
Ballantine Books

IF YOU SEE HER picks up right where IF YOU HEAR HER left off, with Hope in the hospital accused of beating her best friend, Law, nearly to death with a baseball bat, and then attempting to kill herself. No one believes she is innocent.

Remy Jennings knows the situation doesn't feel right, but the evidence points to Hope's guilt. As he digs deeper into her past, he discovers this isn't her first brush with violence. But when he talks with her ex-husband, more questions are raised. Is she the mentally unstable woman he claims she is?

How can Hope prove she is a victim and not the perpetrator? 
If You See Her was an exciting continuation of Shiloh Walker's Ash trilogy. We still don't know who the killer is for If You Hear Her, but our suspects are adding up. Though in If You See Her the focus is mostly on Hope and who is terrorizing her. 

Hope is a very private person, with good reason. Her ex-husband abused her, but because of his position in society, many turned a blind eye, and chose not to believe her. She took drastic measures to finally escape her marriage. But, it seems he's not done with her yet.

Now we have not one bad guy, but TWO. There is the obvious possessive anger from Hope's ex-husband, Joe. But there is also the more subtle yearnings of the killer we were introduced to in If You Hear Her.
I enjoyed Remy and Hope's new found relationship and their chemistry was fantastic. Hope was struggling to find her independence and I loved how Remy supported her, even when all he wanted to do was shelter her and protect her. 

I loved all of the interactions between Ezra, Lena, and Law, who we met in If You Hear Her. The continued mystery who the real killer is frustrating, in a good way, because by the end of If You See her I was still wondering WHO he was. I had ideas, but still didn't know.