Friday, August 1, 2008

My July 2008 reads

1.DIE FOR ME-Karen Rose~Suspense -Rating A+
2. SCREAM FOR ME – Karen Rose~Suspense -Rating A+
3. DELICIOUS – Sherry Thomas ~Victorian -Rating B-

~I really liked her writing style, but found the story only mediocre-the last ½ of the book was great.
4. THE LOST DUKE OF WYNDHAM – Julia Quinn~ Regency-Rating A
5. SECRETS OF THE KNIGHT – Julie Latham~Medieval -Rating C

~I had trouble connecting with the characters.
6. TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT(Marlowe #2)– Elizabeth Boyle~Victorian/Paranormal -Rating A+
7. MINE TIL MIDNIGHT (Hathaway #1)– Lisa Kleypas~Victorian -Rating A+

~Love Love Love Cam....
8. SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE (Hathaway #2)– Lisa Kleypas~Victorian -Rating A+

~Kev (Merripen) & Win's story...this book really focused on the whole Hathaway clan, esp. Cam, with the romance between Kev & Win taking place almost in the background (they are both quieter/privater people, while everyone else are all so boisterous and overpowering), but because I love the whole family, it didn't bother me a bit and was an excellent read
9. IF YOU DARE (McCarrick #1) – Kresley Cole~Victorian -Rating A
10. IF YOU DESIRE (McCarrick #2) – Kresley Cole~Victorian -Rating B-
11. IF YOU DECEIVE ((McCarrick #3) – Kresley Cole~Victorian -Rating A
12. DUCHESS AT NIGHT (Duchess #3) – Eloisa James ~Georgian -Rating A+
13. PROMISES LINGER(Promises #1) – Sarah McCarty~Western -Rating A+
14. PROMISES KEEP (Promises #2) – Sarah McCarty~Western -Rating A
15. PROMISES PREVAIL (Promises #3)– Sarah McCarty~Western -Rating A