Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jumping off the Band Wagon

Joanna Bourne seems to be a popular author on the top of many bloggers and reviewers  lists...with all the talk I decided to finally giver her a try.  I was given the chance to review her newest book THE FORBIDDEN ROSE for NightOwl Reviews. I figured that since she has been given glowing reviews for this book and her past books that this would be a safe choice.

Boy was I wrong, I was burned bad by this one as it didNOT work at all for me.  I found very little in her writing to like.  Her prose and her characters' conversations rambled on without going anywhere, only succeeding to bore me.  The heroine was lackluster to say the least, she had no passion for the cause she was fighting for and to make matters worse, she seemed to hold those involved in her rescues in contempt.
The most interesting character of the whole book was the street urchin turned spy.  Adrian Hawker has the potential to grow up into a great hero for somebody, I just hope that his heroine gets an exciting personallity.

I've discovered some great authors from the bloggers and reviewers online, just sometimes what works for many doesn't work for me.  Without them I never would have discovered Tessa Dare, Shiloh Walker, Larissa Ione, Maya Banks or Jaci Burton to name a few.