Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: YOU BELONG TO ME by Karen Rose

Romantic Suspense
544 Pages

Available June 7, 2011

Someone is sending Medical Examiner Dr. Lucy Trask a very gruesome personal message, in the form of mutilated bodies placed in her path. Time is of the essence to catch a psychopath, who is somehow connected to Lucy's past.

Homicide detective J.D. Fitzpatrick has seen a lot of brutal crimes in his past as a soldier in Afghanistan and as an undercover narcotics officer, but what is set up for the intriguing doctor to discover is beyond anything he has ever witnessed. He can't help but feel that Lucy is keeping something from him, even as this case pulls them closer together.

Why has Lucy been targeted by the murder? Can they stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Karen Rose has entwined another fascinatingly twisted tale of suspense with super sexy romance. The non-stop action kept me sucked into this book, as I tried to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. This was one of those books that once I picked it up, I found it difficult to put down, though at over 500 pages, I didn't have that much time blocked clear for just reading - work and kids seemed to keep getting in the way, how dare they! .

I don't know how Lucy and J.D. had time to discover their feelings for each other in the 3 short days this book spans, yet I found that their relationship was believable. I know that emotions would be running high and the chemistry between Lucy and J.D. was sizzling, I guess that is why I found that I could picture them together as things cooled down. Their alley scene was very very HOT. I like it when the characters are so drawn to each other that they lose control.

I did think that there was an awful lot crammed into those few days, and would have liked to have seen it played out to be a longer time to have made it more credible. Even as I could feel the killers urgency, I felt that there was A LOT jammed into that short period of time, the killer had to do some serious juggling to be in all those places. I had a strong feeling who the killer was, so when it was revealed, I wasn't surprised.

Some of the things Lucy was secretive about I found a bit silly. I could understand why she wanted to keep her day job and night life separate, but the were other things about her past that I felt she should have been a little more forthcoming with, especially considering the circumstances.

I kind of felt that the storyline with Clay and Alyssa was rather pointless. Sure they added a couple of bodies, but Stevie and J.D. had already figured out the killer by the time their stories intersected. I could see Clay as being a possible future interest in Stevie, but he will really need a boost in personality, because as it stands I wasn't feeling any heat between them.

My favorite side characters were Stevie and Thorne. Thorne's sex appeal is absolutely scorching, I don't think it will happen, but I could see him with Stevie. Stevie has lived through hell, but had a reason to pull out, I want to see her with a strong character. Gwyn was a great character also, I just can't pin down what she is going to need, though I can see her getting her own book.

Karen Rose is an auto-buy for me, and I am anxiously awaiting her next book.

Rating: 4.5 / 5