Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Review: JUST LIKE HEAVEN by Julia Quinn

Historical Romance (Regency - 1824)
Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins

Honoria Smythe-Smith and Marcus Holroyd, the Earl of Chatteris have known each other since childhood. Marcus was her older brother's best friend, and she followed them around constantly. Now Honoria has decided it's time to settle down and find a husband, problem being, she keeps running into Marcus. 


I 'm thrilled that Julia Quinn has finally decided to tell a story from the Smythe-Smith side of the dreaded Smythe-Smith musicals. Having been introduced to them with her Bridgerton series, I've been reading about this form of “entertainment” with great enjoyment for a while now. It's good to learn that the audience isn't the only ones suffering, though I loved the reasoning behind the continuation of the event. Of course this years event was extra-special.
JUST LIKE HEAVEN is a sweet friends to lovers romance bringing together a couple that has known and tormented each other since childhood, this is a trope that I am very fond of. Marcus and Honoria already have an established relationship, but now it's time to shake things up, as they slowly realize that their feelings go deeper than they ever expected. Of course they don't just discover this over night, they slowly realize their feelings, and neither is sure if their love is reciprocated. It was a delightfully fun journey to their HEA (happily ever after).
I enjoyed how Honoria's attempts to attract a suitor, drew her and Marcus closer together...even though it brought bodily harm to Marcus.  Which of course led to Honoria needing to take care of him, opening up more opportunities for them to discover their feelings. While Ms. Quinn kept up her trademark humor that makes her books such a fun escape, she also put enough of a dramatic twist on events that kept the book from being fluffy
I look forward to the next addition to the Smythe-Smith series, as I do all of Julia Quinn's books.

Rating: 4