Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you...

I couldn't tell you anything significant about September 10, 2001, but like may others I can tell you exactly where I was on September 11.   

I was working in an office in Livonia, MI, when a co-worker came into my office to tell me that his wife just called to say a plane had hit one of the twin towers. Not long after we had the news of the second tower being hit.  

I remember the crazy range of emotions that I went through on that day.  I was living far from my family, having transplanted with my husband and son to Michigan from Wisconsin.  I was pregnant with our second child, working as a title examiner.  My oldest son was at school that day, and my husband was away going to school...he had to stay there and was only home on weekends.  I felt alone during the chaos, though I talked to my parents and husband.  It was difficult to comprehend what was going on.  As an Army veteran I could feel my patriotism rally. 

My heart went out to the heros that day. The firemen, police officers, EMTs, anyone who thought of more than just themselves.  The horror of that day brought many of us together.

My heart still goes out to those same people, their families and the families of anyone who perished that day,  and especially to the soldiers still fighting for our freedom.