Monday, July 9, 2012


Minerva Montrose has a passion for politics. She is ready to hit the marriage mart with one goal in mind, to marry someone destined to rank high in government, and she's already picked her target.

Lord Blakenly has just returned to Society after a two year exile, and he's ready to pick up where he left off in his debauchery. Most assume he doesn't have the intelligence to run a dukedom, and have low expectations of him, none suspect the secrets he holds.
When Blake and Minerva are discovered in a very compromising position, they find themselves headed to the alter. Blake resents being forced to give up his freedom, while Minerva resigns herself to her fate.
Minerva is a serious minded young woman, while Blake is a fun-loving scoundrel. How will these two find their Happy Ever After, when they can barely tolerate each other?


CONFESSIONS OF AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE was a very enjoyable read. While the premise of the story has been done many times before, Miranda Neville brought a freshness to the storyline with her well-rounded characters and scenery. 

Minerva was a very intelligent, serious young woman, who had managed to get herself into a few scrapes, but nothing like the scandal Blake brought onto her. She was a bit hard to take in the beginning with all her thoughts of politics, but Blake was a little hard for me to take early in the story, also. He couldn't get over feeling sorry for himself, and he treated Minerva with a nasty attitude. I found that hard to read, when he was the one that caused the whole fiasco in the first place. 

Fortunately as the story moved on the characters improved. Minerva decided to try to make the best of the situation, and eventually Blake decided the same, allowing them to learn to actually like each other, and to help their relationship flourish, as they discovered each others true inner character. I felt that when the story was over they had a lasting love that wasn't going to crumble.