Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Romance Reading Hot Buttons

Do you read outside of your romance comfort zone? Is there any trope you won't read, no matter how good the reviews are nor how much you like the blurb? What are your hot button issues?

I read a wide variety of romance sub-genres, but there are some tropes I won't bother with even if it's written by a favorite author. I know some hate the secret baby trope, and while I don't like it when years have passed between the couple and it comes out that they have a child together, I'm an absolute sucker for the "Oh shit, I'm pregnant" storyline. BUT only if the couple remains the same.  I absolutely will NOT read a book where the hero of the story isn't the "baby daddy" or the heroine isn't the "baby mama". It doesn't matter why the father/mother of the baby isn't in the picture, I just won't read it. Now, if the child is a few years old it doesn't bother me. 

Another hot button issue is cheating. There is absolutely no budging on this trope for me. If the hero or heroine cheat on the other I'm done. The trust is gone and to me there is no coming back because who's to say that they won't do it again. Sure temptation may be great, but I expect my main characters to have more fortitude, to say no. In my opinion, if you're to the point you will have sex with someone else, you should have already told your original partner that things are done between you. Along this same line is menage. Yes, I know in this case all parties are aware and involved, but it's not a storyline for me. I like  1 girl + 1 boy = HEA

Is there  a specific trope you won't read?

One of my comfort reads...this historical romance was just what I needed when I'm feeling bleh.