Monday, September 28, 2015

Cover Reveal & Excerpt: FIGHTING BACK by Scarlett Finn


The fight was supposed to be over, but the Stark family aren’t willing to let go of Dax yet.
Dax and Ivy Harrow have moved on and started a new life when out of the blue Brad Stark shows up and tells them that they have unfinished business.
Trying to protect Dax from the darkness of his previous life puts Ivy at risk from an unseen enemy. Swearing to ensure her safety, Dax must use every tool in his arsenal to identify and eliminate the danger.
But love alone won’t be enough to save Ivy’s life this time and to keep her alive Dax may have to surrender to the demons he wants to bury. The future that fate promised him will be lost unless he can stand up to his past. But sacrificing himself may be the only way to save the woman he loves.

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery.


 Fighting Back by Scarlett Finn

‘When is she coming?’ Ivy asked when Saul hung up the phone.
‘She’ll be here in an hour,’ he said, his triumphant smile brought him to his feet. ‘Where’s the mini-bar?’
‘You’re not getting drunk in here,’ she said.
‘Come on, it’s on your old man’s dime, right?’
‘You can leave,’ she said. ‘You’ve done your bit.’
‘Oh,’ he whined. ‘You’re not going to let me stay and watch the show?’
‘No, I’m not. I’m not hanging out in a hotel room with you to wait for a hooker.’
‘We’re not using the hooker, we’re luring the hooker.’
‘I am luring her, I could’ve done this without you. I told you that you didn’t need to come back, you offered to come and make the call from the hotel room because it was more convincing. Trudi probably heard that I was looking for her, and I’d guess she’s not desperate to see me.’
‘No,’ he said, standing up from the bed where he’d been sitting to make the call. ‘Probably not. Were all the stories true? That you were kidnapped and—‘
‘We can talk about that tomorrow,’ she said. Grabbing his arm, Ivy pulled him towards the hotel room door. ‘You need to get out of here because if Trudi sees you then she’ll assume I’m not too far behind.’
‘Just like the old days,’ he grinned.
With her palms planted on his back she pushed him forward and reached around him to open the hotel room door. ‘Get out of here, Saul.’ Except when she opened the door, there was a man right there on the other side of it. A man with an expression on his face that the devil would envy. ‘Dax…’
Still half tucked behind Saul, she came around him to stand between the two men, except Dax swept her aside and grabbed Saul to haul him out and pin him to the hotel corridor wall. ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’ Dax demanded.
‘No, no,’ Ivy said, trying to pry Dax away. ‘You can’t do this here, Dax, come on, baby, let him go.’
‘I do know you,’ Saul said, his face reddened as recognition grasped him. ‘Oh shit.’
‘That’s right, buddy,’ Dax said, pleased that he’d been identified. She didn’t know how the men knew each other, and right now, she didn’t care.