Sunday, March 5, 2017

SINS OF THE HEART: Otherkin #1 by Eve Silver REVIEW & FLASH SALE

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As the eldest son of Sutekh, Lord of Chaos (just one of a string of glorious titles), Dagan Krayl is the most feared soul reaper, gathering the wickedest souls for his father to consume.  When his youngest brother is brutally murdered, Dae is determined to find and destroy those responsible. He is also hoping to find his brother's remains to reanimate him.

Roxy Tam, an Asetian Guard of the Daughters of Aset, is set on protecting the innocent, also looking to discover who killed the soul reaper. She finds herself drawn to Dagan as she joins him on the quest to seek answers to his brothers death, uncovering a plot destine to cause war in the Underworld.

Years ago Dagan saved Roxy, inadvertently changing  her life and creating a bond that pulls them together. I love the passion and determination each of them show for each other, and for what they believe in. The heat of desire between them keeps the pages smoldering, and the action-packed adventure they embark on to find the truth makes for a fast-paced story. 
Roxy is reluctant to let go of her secrets and fears, but Dagan is able to draw her out, whether she likes if or not.  

Eve Silver did an excellent job creating a world inhabited by gods, demons, humans, and everything in between.  She masterfully blended both Earthly and Underworld characters and scenes.  I was drawn into a whole new world that I cannot wait to further explore. There are still many answers I need.  I can't wait to see who and what is in store for Dagan's brothers or how everything will be resolved.