Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION by Anna Campbell

Historical Romance (Regency)
Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins
369 pages

Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw, is set on revenge. He will allow nothing to get in his way, not even the delectably tart chaperone, Antonia Smith. 

Lady Antonia Hilliard is still paying for her past, hiding herself as Antonia Smith, a drab and dower chaperone. She knows better than anyone how youthful passion can lead to nothing but trouble. Now to atone for her past indiscretion, she is determined to be the most sedulous chaperone. When her charge is pursued by one of London's most notorious rakes, she increases her guard. But can she resist the temptation of the rogue?


Anna Campbell's reads are always emotional roller coasters for me, MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION was no exception. Nicholas especially brought out all sorts of feelings in me. I could understand his want for revenge, and respect his diligence, but he crossed the line when, after discovering his feeling for Antonia, he still wished to pursue his goal. I would have held more sympathy if he had changed tactics. He could have found another means of the revenge he was so adamant about.
I did get a little tired of Antonia tormenting herself with her past fall from grace. I can understand that during this time period moral standards were a lot higher than they currently are, but she just kept beating herself up over it to a point that I wanted to stop reading the book. 
Now the one thing that I loved was the passion and chemistry which practically sizzled between Antonia and Nicholas. Wow, these two set the pages on fire. I also enjoyed watching their battle of wits, as they each tried to stay one step in front of the other. I liked that there really was no secrets between them, Antonia new exactly what Nicholas was up to.

Fortunately Antonia's niece, Cassandra, had a decent head on her shoulders. I really liked her, and I liked that she wasn't so easily pulled in by Nicholas's charm. 
I will read more of Ms. Campbell's work, because I do enjoy it. I only hope that she writes a different kind of heroine next time, as they seem to be getting a bit stale. And because I really don't like the self-torturing heroine, I would rather read about someone determined to overcome their past mistakes, not relive them in their memories over and over again.

Rating 4