Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: A WEDDING WAGER by Jane Feather

A Wedding Wager
Blackwater Brides #2
Historical Romance (Georgian, 1762)
Pocket Books
 Available July 2011 

Three years ago Lady Serena Carmichael told Sebastian Sullivan that it was fun knowing him, but it was now time to move on, breaking his young heart. Now Serena is back in town, and Sebastian is determined to ignore her, not willing to fall under her spell once again. 

Yet no matter how they try to avoid each other, circumstances keep throwing them together. Is Serena really as heartless as she appears? Can Sebastian forgive the past?


Serena and Sebastian had an undeniably complex emotional relationship. They didn't want to care for each other, yet they couldn't help themselves, nor could they ignore the fervent desire between them. I found them to be well-written characters, yet their personalities put me off of them a bit. I found Sebastian's actions and emotions to be so young still. I felt like had he an naivety not usual for romance novel rakes, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I felt that after the initial rejection, he would have been more cynical. Serena's concern for her step-father's prey was all fine and wonderful, but really, her stubbornness in her refusal to accept Sebastian's help was frustrating.

In A WEDDING WAGER, Jane Feather has written a passionate tale of young love, including all the problems that come with it, such as the belief that self-sacrifice is the only answer to a convoluted problem and the thought that if you don't talk about it, your feelings will go away. Of course Serena and Sebastian learn otherwise throughout the story, but they had some major growing up to do before they got there. 
 I am curious to see how Ms. Feather will develop Peregrine's story, and what kind of woman she will pair him with. He is very bookish, but I hope he has some more Alpha qualities that emerge as I'm not a huge fan of the Beta hero.
Rating: 3.5