Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole


In a world changed by magic, Oscar Britton was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army, attached to the Supernatural Operations Corps (SOC), a loyal officer who didn't question his orders, until the day he was told his target was a teenage kid. The same day he was given that order, he unexpectedly begins wielding his own magic, a rare and forbidden power that takes him from soldier to outlaw in a snap. Thinking the SOC would like nothing better than to kill him, he goes on the lam.

When the SOC catch him, they want to convince Britton to be on their team, as part of a special magic unit. Will Britton stay his military course, or will he discover that sometimes you have to take charge of your own destiny?

Myke Cole did a great job introducing a new world, full of fascinating characters. He built a magic-crazed world, a desolate military outpost, and characters and creatures that flowed off the pages. The world building slowed the book down, but yet felt necessary as an introduction to the new landscape for this series.

The non-stop action kept the story moving, and kept me hooked to Britton's struggle in his new role in the world. He had to struggle with the understanding that the lines between right and wrong are sometimes really fuzzy, while at other are blatantly black and white. He made mistakes, yet he was able to learn from them.

I also enjoyed the side characters, especially the goblin Marty, he was an interesting little guy. I was sadden by the loss of some characters, but look forward to seeing many of them return in the next book of this series, which I will absolutely be looking for when it comes out.