Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OMG...I'm blogging again

Well, as you see I sure the heck haven't been blogging much this summer, and my reading has really slacked off.  I've just been too busy with work and family.  My office job has been insanely busy, and I started editing in January (WOW, I'm getting paid to do what I love--READ!), that too has been busy.  I'm not complaining by any means, a year ago I was just working at the office, getting lay-off notices.  I'm still at the same office plus now I have the editing job, boy how have thinks changed in less than a year.

Then there's my kids, baseball season ended in June...with an unexpected tournament at the end of July, and now my kids are starting their football seasons (I have a senior in high school--YIKES!--and a 5th grader). So much for my free time. I still manage to squeeze a book in here and there though, and man have I found some great ones recently!

I must be one of the few people out there that have NOT read 50 Shades of Grey, which seems to have shocked all of my non-reading friends who have read it.  I mean really, this isn't the first book written that has hot sex in it with dominate ALPHA (yum) males...I just happen to like my heroines on the stronger side, not being demeaned and degraded by their men, or if they are, they are quick to stand up for themselves and tell the men to straighten up or F*ck off .  Really, if you want to read some sizzling hot romance with alpha guys, check out: Beth Kery, Bella Andre, Lacey Alexander, Maya Banks, Shiloh Walker, Olivia Cunning, Lisa Renee Jones, and that's just to name a few, really there are a lot of awesome writers out there that you should try out.

My favorite "new to me"  author is Olivia Cunning, after I discovered her Sinners on Tour series.

These books are scorching HOT, how in the hell have I missed this author?!?!.  This series has got everything I want: awesome plot lines that grab you, and suck you in; phenomenal characters that pull at you emotionally, strong men and woman who have been hurt in the past, but aren't about to let anyone walk all over them now--though they need to find the value in themselves to feel worthy of love; oh and did I forget to mention that these guys are ROCK STARS, really HOT, super SEXY rock stars? I can't wait until November when book #3 comes out.

I've also read Lisa Renee Jones' If I Were You, she's another one of my favorite authors of sizzling hot romance. :) I will be posting a full review of IIWY on the 23rd and Lisa will be stopping by my blog for a visit...so please come back and check out how much I enjoyed that book (OMG Chris, the hero is sooooooooo SEXY!) oh and there may be PRIZES! 
Isn't this cover fabulous? Don't you want to know what she is reading?

When Sara McMillan receives a scintillating stack of journals from an auctioned off storage unit, she is both shocked and fascinated by the content of those pages. The more she reads the more she can't help but wonder why Rebecca, the owner of the unit, left everything behind. Did something sinister befall her or did she simply decide to leave her life behind to start anew?

In her quest to discover what happened to Rebecca, Sara finds herself immersed in Rebecca's life. Taking her job, becoming involved with the people who may know Rebecca's fate. Opening herself up to new experiences, and opening herself up to danger.

The men she meet unwittingly enable her to deepen her investigation. Mark Compton, manager of Allure Gallery and Chris Merit, a famed artist, are sexy rivals that have no qualms showing their dislike for one another, but what has caused their rift? What dark secrets do they hold? Why do they want to press Sara in the middle of it all?

And most importantly, where is Rebecca?