Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: A WEEK TO BE WICKED by Tessa Dare

Minerva Highwood is quite happy being one of the spinsters of Spindle Cove. Not just because of the lack of suitors, BUT also because of the wondrous discovery she has unearthed. Now she would like to reveal her find, only to do it right, she must travel to the Royal Geological Society's symposium being held in Edinburgh, Scotland. She needs to find an escort, and she thinks she has the perfect candidate.

Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne (oh and what a PAIN he is in Minerva's eyes) is a notorious rake, the spinsters of Spindle Cove don't hinder his escapades—some even help him along. *wink wink* When Minerva approaches him with her scheme, he at first balks...but Minerva has a persuasive way, and soon they find themselves on the road to adventure...uhm, I mean on the road to SCOTLAND, with maybe a wee bit of adventure. ;<)

Tessa Dare has written a delightfully fun tale of adventure and passion in A WEEK TO BE WICKED. I really enjoyed following Colin and Minerva around the English countryside, and up through Scotland, where they met some interesting challenges and characters. There was a bit of danger thrown in to keep them from getting to lax in their travels, along with Colin's wicked sense of humor.

There were places in this book that had me giggling, and sometimes snorting with laughter, as mostly Colin's antics would rile Minerva or would backfire in an unexpected twist. Then I'd find myself sighing with pleasure as they began to learn what made each of them into the person they'd become, and as they delved into the passion that they could no longer resist.

I also enjoyed how Francine, Minerva's specimen, played into the story, who'd a thought that rock could be so interesting and entertaining. :)

I really enjoy Ms. Dare's writing and am looking forward to reading more about the citizens of Spindle's Cove.