Saturday, May 18, 2013

Uncontrollable life!

These last few weeks things have been rather crazy for me and I apologize to anyone I've let down! 😔

My FIL had a major health scare. My oldest graduates this year-YIKES, that's in 3 WEEKSBoth of my boys play baseball-oldest is on the high school Varsity team, youngest is in Little League. Work has been extremely busy, and people have been on vacation. And we are doing home improvements for my son's open-house, thankfully that's not scheduled until 4th of July weekend (all of our family lives far away from us so I tried to accommodate them with a long weekend and mini-vacation at my place!) My porch is a wreck now, as we are in the middle of replacing spindles in the railing, lattice work, and repainting, then we need to fix and paint the deck...and some landscaping is in order.

Fortunately, I know that things are going to ease up in a bit... 

Aren't the flowers pretty?