Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Unfortunately, things have not eased up yet...but seriously, I know things have to slow down eventually!!! I really have to take time to focus on family and work right now, not having much spare time to blog or review. :( Sadly, we had an unexpected death on Monday (not my FIL, who has been very ill) and other things have come up.

The picture on the right, that's my oldest boy, who GRADUATES in less than two weeks! Where in the heck did the last seventeen years go?  We are hosting an open house in July and are trying to get the house ready...as seen in my previous post.  On a good note, all the broken spindles on my porch have been replaced and the lattice work has been removed. Now, we need to power-wash said porch and my deck and repaint everything! If only it would stop raining enough to let me get to it. I do have some gorgeous hanging baskets of petunias hanging up around the porch, as soon as we get it painted, I'll take a picture to share with. :)

With everything going on I haven't even had much time to read. I did read Zoe Archer's upcoming release, Sweet Revenge, Book 1 in her new Nemesis, Unlimited series, and really enjoyed it.  It's an action-packed romance taking place in Victorian England. I was introduced to Eva and Jack and a whole cast of awesome characters that make up Nemesis, a group of justice fighters, out to make sure that the bad guys don't get away with their crimes as they skirt the law. Eva and Jack aren't your usual lord and lady that are found so frequently in historical romances, beyond being ass-kickin' crime fighters, they aren't titled nor wealthy.  Eva is the daughter of missionaries and Jack is an escaped convict that grew up in London's slums. 

 This has definitely earned a 5 Rambling Hearts rating.