Thursday, September 19, 2013

PLAYING GAMES by Jessica Clare (a/k/a Jill Myles)

Katy Short only agreed to be on the reality show THE WORLD RACES for her brother, Brodie. She didn't care if they won or lost, because either way the money she would be making just to appear on the show was enough to help her start her business, Katy's Short Cakes. 

When her brother betrays her in the game, forcing her to take a new partner, the brooding rock star, Liam Brogan, Katy decides the gloves are off, and she will do what ever is necessary to beat her brother...and avoid spending the remaining weeks stranded with the Liam the Loser at the Loser Lodge.

But once Katy and Liam team up, they agree to “make good tv” and in all their alone time as they travel the globe, Katy learns the Liam isn't the churlish loser as she originally she thought, he's kind of a sexy hottie, and those piercings, WOW, she never knew how erotic a piercing could be.

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