Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review of THE MacKINNON'S BRIDE by Tanya Anne Crosby

Searching for his kidnapped son, Iain MacKinnon came upon Page FitzSimon bathing. Planning to
use her to barter for his son's safe return, he's taken aback when her father claims to want nothing to do with her, forcing him to take her back home with him. Not wanting to tell Page that her father truly didn't want her back, he insisted that he was kidnapping her.

After twenty years of dreaming of her father's attention, Page couldn't believe that now that her father is showing he wants her, that the heathen Scot was taking her captive. Determined to escape, she didn't count of her growing attachment to Iain nor his son, Malcolm.


THE MacKINNON'S BRIDE started out slow as it touched upon the kidnapping of Malcolm and focused on Page's constant bickering and attempts of escaping Iain on their journey back to the MacKinnon's land. At first, I found it difficult to get into the characters and scenery, but fortunately. the pace picked up about half-way through. I found myself intrigued with the mystery of who kidnapped Malcolm, and why. And of course the romance between Iain and Page.

Iain had a lot of reasons to be cynical toward life, namely the suicide of his wife in front of him. Iain was a well-rounded character, showing facets of grief, determination, and happiness. Page took me a bit longer to get into, she grated on my nerves with her constant urge to return to her jerk of a father. Yet I could understand it, as that is something all children want, the love and acceptance of a parent.
Thankfully, when the story started to pickup momentum, it didn't stop. I liked following the characters and their journey back to the MacKinnon's. Iain and Page had a nice chemistry, and they could heal each other from their past pains. I liked that all the characters were well fleshed out, other than Iain and Page, I really liked Broc and Malcomb. I'm glad to see that Broc got his story, as I will most defiantly be reading it in the future. He was such a sweetie.