Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review: Trapped by Beverley Kendall

More than a year has passed since Paige told her boyfriend, Mitch that she was pregnant. More than a year since he disappeared from her life. Fortunately, Paige has a strong support system and doesn't have to cope with everything on her own. Her daughter, Brianna is now seven months old, and while things aren't a breeze, Paige has put Mitch in the past and is ready to move on.

Mitch has had a rude awakening, finally recognizing what he gave up when he decided to desert Paige. He wants to be a part of his daughter's life, though he doesn't think he can get over Paige's betrayal.

When Mitch comes back home, he finds that he can't just waltz back into Paige's life and insert himself in as Brianna's dad. He starts to realize what Paige gave up to have his daughter and how much she still means to him. He begins to acknowledge that his feelings for her have not vanished, but will she ever forgive him for leaving her when she needed him most?


Beverley Kendall created a great story with characters that reached out and grabbed me emotionally. I could feel Paige's pain and understand Mitch's feelings. Both of them felt betrayed by the other. Paige had no choice, she couldn't run away from the difficult situation, while Mitch chose to run and hide.

I thought that Paige really grew up into a responsible young adult and a good mom. She didn't shirk her duties or try to make excuses. It took Mitch a bit longer to gain his maturity, and there were a few places that I though he deserved a slap upside his head to knock some sense into there. But he quickly saw that he was being unreasonably unforgiving to Paige.

I liked that Mitch didn't immediately forgive Paige, it made the story more realistic. But I loved that Paige made Mitch work for his forgiveness. He had a LOT of grovelling to do, and he needed to prove that he wouldn't continue to run away from his problems.

I also really enjoyed the side characters and am looking forward to Erin & Josh's story. I also hope that Trent get's his own book...he definitely needs one! 

5 Rambling Hearts