Monday, October 10, 2011


Grand Central
448 pages

After a string of crappy relationships, Alison Carter still isn't ready to give up trying to find Mister Right, she just figures that it's time to let someone else do the looking. Seeing how her past choices have all tanked, she decides to hire a matchmaker to find her perfect someone.

Brandon Scott has inherited his grandmother's extremely successful matchmaking enterprise. He thinks that it's the perfect set up for him to make some quick money. How hard could it be getting paid to match up a few lonely people?

While Alison wants Brandon to be successful, she can't help but be skeptical. They find themselves drawn closer together as she helps him build his business, yet the closer they get, the more Brandon fears she will learn his secret, knowing it will drive her away.

Jane Graves knows how to write a fun, witty story without making it too fluffy. While HEARTSTRINGS AND DIAMOND RINGS was primarily a light amusing read, Brandon's deception kept the focus from getting silly, also Alison's friends and father kept more range of emotions than just love, lust and happiness. There were some great laughs in this book, especially with the first dates that Brandon set Alison up on. She had the worst luck with men, which lead to some great smiles and laughter as I read this.

The romance between Brandon and Alison was slow moving, as the focus wasn't on them as a couple at first, but on Brandon finding someone special for Alison. I liked how it moved, as it gave them a chance to really get to know each other, and not just a bam-bam kind of love. It seemed more realistic and I felt that it was more believable, as it gave them time to get to know the good and the bad about each other, and if they wanted to learn to live with it. There was some bad that didn't come out until towards the end, with Brandon's secret finally coming to light, but there was enough history to help Alison see the sincerity in his apology.

Rating: 4.5