Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: ENGAGED IN SIN by Sharon Page

Erotic Historical Romance
Dell, an imprint of Random House

Turned out of a loving home at a young age, Anne Beddington has been forced to do things for survival that she is not proud of. Now she is on the run from a crime that she was forced to commit. When she overhears that the Duke of March is in need of a mistress, she decides that just may be the perfect chance for her to escape.

Devon Audley, the Duke of March, has become reclusive since he was forced to return home from the Peninsula. He suffers more than blindness from his grievous war injury, he's also carrying the guilt and nightmares of being a survivor. He'd rather drowned his sorrows in alcohol than human companionship.

Can these two injured souls find fulfillment, love and happiness together after so much tragedy? 

Sharon Page has created an erotic and very emotional tale of two people struggling to find their place in the world. Both Anne and Devon were truly wounded characters, who had a lot of healing to do before they could understand and value of themselves again, much less allow someone else to love them. Each had their own reasons for wanting to seclude themselves away, yet the other argued why they needed come out of hiding, and would do whatever was needed to help them.

The pages sizzled as first Anne seduced Devon, who in return truly made her learn to feel the full impact of their mutual passion. Neither of them had an easy task in front of them. Anne had been sequestered in a whorehouse for the last few years, where she had conditioned herself to turn off both emotional and physical feelings. While Devon had suffered such tragedy, that he refused to acknowledge the love of his family or friends around him, much less an emotional connection to a woman he's only met so recently.

When Anne forced herself into his life, Devon found himself wanting to feel once again, yet he was scared to. Anne had her work cut out and a few devious plans to bring him back into the folds of his family. 
Devon had more work than he anticipated as he tried to clear Anne's name, bring her into Society, and to make her feel worthy of his love. She was scared for her life, and he needed to prove that she would be truly safe and loved. She also knew that it would be impossible to reject her former life. How could she ever be respected with her illustrious background? Devon did a great job of making everything happen for Anne.

Ms. Page was able to bring everything satisfactorily together. I look forward to her next book...hopefully the Earl of Ashton gets his Happily Ever After.

Rating: 4