Friday, May 8, 2015

Become an Avon Addict!!!

Avon is now taking applications for Avon Addicts Round 5
Books are your passion.
Authors are your obsession.

If this describes you, then you need to apply now to become an Avon Addict, for the chance to become part of Romance’s most desirable super reader community!

Applications are being accepted from May 1 through July 1, 2015!

Many will apply, and only 25 will be accepted into the fifth sisterhood of Avon Addicts.  If you became part of Avon’s social media-savvy inner circle of romance lovers, you will help spread the love of favorite Avon authors via blog, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads posts, as well as be given the ability to pass along physical copies to the other bibliophiles in your lives!  

Avon Addicts receive special invitations to meet authors behind-the-scenes at book events, and to mix & mingle with all the Avon ladies at our special events at RWA, RT, BEA and other bookish gatherings.

If you think you have what it takes to be an Avon Addict, apply at for a chance to achieve official status!

What you’ll receive:
Over the course of a year, Avon Addicts will receive six special packages containing advance copies of forthcoming books to read and share with friends; fun promotional items (swag!), and other goodies.  We will send our Addicts early copies of hand-selected Avon, Avon Impulse, Avon Red and William Morrow titles.

Addicts, in return, should share their feelings about these books on their social sites, on the Avon website, Edelweiss, and online retailers! 

We hope the Avon Addict program helps us reward our most devoted readers – and we know your enthusiasm is infectious…so we hope you’ll help make everyone as excited about our extraordinary books and talented authors as you are.

Apply at!  25 Avon Addicts will be selected by the Avon Editorial and Publicity/Marketing group. Applications should be submitted to us from May 1 through July 1, 2015.

Does being an Avon Addict sound like all that and a box of romance novels to you? Well, don’t take our word for it:

“I have to say, I've been blown away by your generosity with books, packages, good times... I've done something similar with a couple of publishers and NO ONE has come close to the level of generosity Avon has. Totally blew me away, and continues to do so.”
—Ruth Salisbury, Avon Addict
Thank you so much for selecting me to be an Avon Addict. It has been a joy and has done absolutely nothing to quell an already rampant addiction. 
                   —Grace L., Avon Addict
“Being an Addict has been so awesome, it gives me a hobby outside of being a mom to my work staff, as well as the kids and hubby at home.”
                   — Melissa Ives, Avon Addict
Being an Avon Addict has been the greatest privilege and experience. I am so proud to say that I am an Avon Addict and always will be.
—Amy Valentini, Avon Addict
“I am so glad I applied to be an Addict last spring. You all are AMAZING :)”
— Jena Gregoire, Avon Addict