Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: HADES: Demonica 11.5 by Larissa Ione

Catastrophe may have earned her name, though it was still a dick-move of Raphael to to stick her with the moniker as her wings were removed and she joined the ranks of the Unfallen. Cat isn't about to let anything discourage her though. Ever since she's joined Azagoth and Lilliana's household, she's been eager to please them and to earn a chance to regain her wings and her place in Heaven. She drools over the deliciously sexy Jailer of the Underworld, Hades.

True to her name, where Cat goes, catastrophe follows...and accidentally releasing a few unauthorized souls into Hades's realm causes a cataclysm that could lead to Armageddon (again)...can she and Hades stop pending disaster before it's too late? 
THANK YOU, Ms. Ione, for giving me another great story to enjoy. Hades was easily a read-in-one-sitting type of book. I found it nearly impossible to put down. I dreaded it coming to an end as I wanted it to go on and on. Ms. Ione has a way of wrapping me up in her imaginary world, allowing me to forget that I'm not a part of it.

The sizzling hot sparks that flew between Hades and Cat kept the pages smoldering as Cat did everything she could to entice Hades, which was no easy task. I enjoyed watching Hades and Cat's relationship grow and would love to have seen Hades divert more of Cat's inadvertent disasters, I see that being a constant occurrence throughout their relationship. I hope to see more of them in future demonica novels. One thing I love about reading a series is revisiting favorite past characters, it was good to see Azagoth, Lilliana, and Reaver again.

As with all of Ms. Ione's novels, now that I've completed Hades I eagerly await her next book.


Somewhere outside Azagoth’s Greek-style mansion, a bird of prey screeched. Cat loved hearing it. Not long ago, Sheoul-gra had been a dead realm, a physical manifestation of Azagoth’s emotional state. Dark and dreary, the “Gra,” as it was sometimes called, had resembled a toxic wasteland that couldn’t support any animal or plant life that wasn’t straight out of Hell itself.
But Lilliana’s love had changed Azagoth, and with it, his realm.
Now, when Cat strolled outside the palace, the grounds and buildings surrounding it teemed with life, from the lush grass, leafy green trees, and sparkling water, to rabbits, birds, and even the occasional fox or deer.
Smiling, she put down her feathered duster and headed from Azagoth’s pool room toward the mansion’s entrance, and as she rounded a corner, she collided with a body.
A huge, muscular body.
An instant, hot tingle pricked her skin as she leaped backward, crashing into something behind her. She heard something break, but at the moment, it didn’t matter.
This was the first time she’d touched Hades. The first time her ability to sense good and evil as a physical symptom on the surface of her skin had triggered. At least, it was the first time with Hades.
She’d always suspected he’d give off an intense blast of evil, but she hadn’t expected the evil to be tempered by a ribbon of goodness. She also hadn’t expected to be so...aroused by the vibes he gave off. Then again, merely looking at him aroused her, so why wouldn’t touching him do the same?
He stood there, bare-chested and wearing a skin-tight pair of silver pants that showed every ropey muscle and presented that impressive bulge at his groin like a gift. Criminy, he might as well be naked. She wished he was naked.
“E-excuse me,” she squeaked.
He looked down at her, one corner of his perfect mouth tipped up in a half-smile. Which was a first. Everyone seemed to get smiles but her.