Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review of DETERMINED by Sylvia McDaniel

Sold by her despicable step-father to the madam of the local whorehouse, Hannah Williams is out for revenge. When she comes across Pastor Jackson Colster being beaten by the madam's goons, she hesitates before helping him out. Hannah sought out the reverend to ask him for help while she was being held captive, but he thought she had chosen to become a prostitute and refused to see that she needed help.

Hannah's animosity toward Jackson is understandable. His unwillingness to help her is not something that she can easily forgive. Jackson truly regrets not helping her, he wants to assist her into assimilating back into society. But society doesn't just accept a former soiled dove into their open arms. As time moves on, Hannah still wants revenge. Her step-father is attempting to kidnap young girls for the madam, the sheriff of the small town is corrupt, and the madam has no remorse. Jackson and Hannah's feelings are growing, but how can a preacher marry a former harlot?

Hannah & Jackson's romance was a slow burn that I really enjoyed. I like Sylvia McDaniel's writing style and as fan of western romance, I will most definitely be picking up other books by her. 

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Revenge or Redemption?

Hell hath no fury like a woman betrayed.

Hannah Williams’ first goal after becoming a bounty hunter is to kill her stepfather who sold her into prostitution. Even though her life is in jeopardy, Hannah returns to Hide Town, Texas, only to stumble across a man brutally beaten. Upon taking him to her hideout, she is horrified to discover he’s the man who turned his back on her during her blackest moment.

Preacher Jackson Colster never thought he would see Hannah Williams again. The last thing he expects is for the girl he refused to help to save his life after he’s left for dead. Now he has to convince Hannah not to seek the revenge she craves. In mending her wounded past, can she help him confront his own haunting nightmares?

Can Hannah and Jackson heal their wounds, silence the past, and let love guide their future?

Lipstick and Lead. They always get their man.