Friday, January 22, 2010

It's the weekend again...this is what I'm Reading

 Well, we're getting ready for the weekend again, and I really don't know how much reading time I will have...I'm going Stampin' and Scrappin' at a good friend's house on Saturday.  I don't usually get much accomplished at these events, but I always have a great time catching up with friends and getting new ideas, and Tina is an excellent hostess, so I know there'll be great food, and she even goes as far as having door prizes for her friends (a great way to clean out her stash!!!)

SO anyway, I've got my hands on this awesome looking urban fantasy.  Straight  from

Lucy A. Snyder

Jessie Shimmer's roguish lover, Cooper, has been teaching her ubiquemancy, the art of finding the magic in everyday things. But things go terribly wrong when the couple try to call a rainstorm in downtown Columbus. A hellish portal opens, and Cooper is ripped from the world. Worse yet, a vicious demon invades the city. Jessie barely manages to slay it, but she's gravely wounded and the capital's center is destroyed. As if losing an eye and a hand isn't bad enough, the city's ruling mage, Benedict Jordan, brands her an outlaw. With only her ferret familiar to help her, Jessie must find the dimension Cooper's trapped in and bring him back alive before sinister machinations make both of them vanish for good.

I'll be posting my thoughts and opinion on when I finish.