Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I'm Reading . . .Today

I forgot that when I did yesterday's post that, well, it would quickly change.  Usually on the weekend I can finish a book in a day, unless I'm busy or the book really sucks... It's not like I sit around reading all day, well, sometimes I do :o) but I'm also a fast reader. Yesterday I manged to cram a day of cleaning, shopping, internet browsing and a book. Today will just be a bit of housework, some time online, and a good (hopefully) book.

I've got another new to me author off the TBRR pile:

by Trish Albright

Here's the blurb straight from the author's website, and the back of the book:

Lady Olivia Yates enjoyed a wide array of scholarly pursuits. And she had an astounding vocabulary to prove it. Thanks to her archaeologist father, she also knew just about everything there was to know of ancient Egyptian artifacts—including a code no one else had yet deciphered. But she had no idea what to do when it looked as though someone was trying to murder her.
Samuel Stafford understood only about half the words that came out of the woman’s mouth. But he didn't mind—so long as he had a chance to watch those luscious lips at work. Too bad he wasn't paying more attention, because suddenly Olivia was dragging the shipping captain halfway around the world on a perilous treasure hunt. From fighting Barbary pirates on the high seas to exploring centuries-old tombs, only together could they unlock the... SIREN'S SECRET.

My impression so far (I've only read the first chapter) is to think of the movie, THE MUMMY, action, adventure, Egyptian archeology, Brendan Fraser -yummy, only move it back about 150years. 

Update - My opinion of this is now posted on Night Owl Romance, at: