Friday, January 1, 2010

My little rant...Women's clothing-Tall/Long in sizes above a 14, where in the HELL are they?!?!

What the hell is it with clothing stores that decide not to carry Tall/Long in certain sizes anymore!!!! How frustrating.  Do they think that ALL tall people are a size 14 and below...if we're fat/chunky/heavy/etc..., we must also be average or short????!!!!????!!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I know that I need to shed a few pounds, and I'm working on that, but until then I still need to buy work clothes.  I can't buy anything without trying it on first, because EVERYTHING fits so differently. 

So, what started this rant...
Yesterday I was all set to go to my favorite retailer at the local outlet mall (Eddie Bauer) to pick up some pants for work, a pair of jeans, and maybe a new top or 2, and SPEND some of my hard-earned CASH.  I've ALWAYS been able to find size 16 Long, much to my dismay (boy is that putting it mildly) I ask the sales lady, and she informed me that "oh they stopped stocking that in the stores, you can buy it online or in the cataloge though...) yeah, um, NO, first off the catalog/online doesn't have the great deals that were in-store (yes, I checked), and second, I need to try them on before I buy, since no 2 pair fit the same. 
Oh, and I can't forget to mention that the sales associate was sure to bring it to my attention that their average sizes run really long, to the point I was almost rude when I finally told her "Not LONG enough."  really this wasn't my first trip there...I think I know what length I need by now.

As a result, I bought NOTHING. 

Eddie Bauer is not alone either.  I've tried Gap, Old Navy, Kohls...nobody wants to carry them. Some stores don't carry tall/long at all, others also think that nobody over a size 14 is tall.  Am I alone out there, some sort of freak of nature, being tall and chunky.  No, I know this is not the case.  I see women like me all the time. So why don't the stores want me to spend my money???? Or is this some freaky scheme to get me to finally loose the weight I've been wanting to-it's not helping, now I'm even more stressed out because I REALLY need some new work pants. 

I did find that Tractor Supply (my husband only wears jeans from there) carries women's jeans in a size16x34 -yippee and they are really cute and very inexpensive-I paid less than $20 (the brand is C.E. Schmidt).