Monday, June 10, 2013

FINALLY it's here!!!!!!!! Today is the big day, release day for BEING ME (Inside Out #2) by Lisa Renee Jones

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This is NOT a stand alone book, you need to read book #1 of Lisa Renee Jones's Inside Out series, IF I WERE YOU (on sale now for $3.79 at amazon and for $3.99 at Barnes & Noble) Then I would suggest picking up Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume One: THE SEDUCTION; Volume Two:THE CONTRACT; Volume Three: HIS SUBMISSIVE; and Volume Four: MY MASTER,  they give a lot of insight to Rebecca and her relationship with the Master.

BEING ME picks up right where IF I WERE YOU left us hanging...finally an answer to what happened to Sara in the storage facility! I would say more, but I'm trying to be careful and not spoil anything for anyone. 

In BEING ME, Ms. Jones leads us on a seductive tour as we navigate Sara's quest to find out what happened to Rebecca, her evolving relationship with Chris, how Mark will impact her future, and WHO THE MASTER is. 

I enjoyed the sizzling passion that sparked between Chris and Sara, they are such a great couple...and Chris is just so HOT!  I also enjoyed the tension that Ms. Jones added between Sara and Mark, BEING ME resulted in me wanting more Mark.  And Ralph! I just loved Ralph, I think we need to try to talk Ms. Jones into putting more Ralph into the upcoming books--he's such a hoot! 

 This series keeps getting better and better! BEING ME answers so many questions from IF I WERE YOU, yet there are still uncertainties and unknowns that need to be answered, opening up this series to so much more! I canNOT wait for book #3 in the Inside Out series,  REVEALING US.