Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I've been reading...some quickie reviews

Jill Sorenson is a favorite romantic suspense author of mine. I absolutely loved both AFTERSHOCK and FREEFALL. In AFTERSHOCK you have the scenario of a catastrophic earthquake trapping EMTs, ordinary citizens, and a van of convicts into a small confined space.  Tragedy brings out the good in some people and the selfishness in others.  Throw in some romance and this is a rocking read that doesn't pause for a moment.  FREEFALL is connected, as we first met Sam in AFTERSHOCK, though he's mostly unconscious for the entire book, but it you will see how the experience shaped him for FREEFALL.  Jill is not afraid to touch dark, gritty subjects, without sugarcoating it all.  Bad things happen to good characters, and she has a knack for drawing me in emotionally.

Shiloh Walker is another favorite author of mine. WRECKED was a fun contemporary friends-to-lovers themed romance (I love that theme!)  Abby and Zach grew up in the spotlight together being childhood stars on a popular TV show.  Zach has loved her forever, Abby is only just now realizing how much he means to her.  While this book is more carefree that most of the other books Shiloh writes, she doesn't loose her emotional voice that I'm always looking for in her books. This book would be a great beach read...if you have all day to sit around on the beach, I couldn't put this book down and read it in one day!

I know. I know.  I've talked about SWEET REVENGE a few times here, but just in case you still don't know THIS IS A GREAT BOOK! So there.  Zoe Archer is another favorite author, I love her sense of adventure and the humor that comes out in her books. She always creates such unique characters which is a huge bonus! I love that she doesn't hesitate to give her hero/heroine a dark past, and not make them ashamed of it!