Friday, June 7, 2013

Where have all the cowboys gone...

Or gunfighters, pioneers, pirates, Vikings, makes me sad that the majority of historical romances I can find at the store are Regency or Victorian England, inspirational westerns, and Highlanders. I miss the variety of settings and characters I used I be able to find. Historical romance was the majority of what I would read, I would still read a ton of it I wasn't so bored with the UK. I hit up the UBS the other day to satisfy my need to escape from all the lords and ladies, and am getting ready to enjoy this gem I found. :)


WOW, this book was awesome! And I discovered it wasNOT a reread, lucky lucky me! I wonder why I didn't read it before, I thought I'd read all of Catherine Hart's books. :)  This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster, I was BAWLING my eyes out by page 42, it was so heartbreaking and tormenting for the heroine.  BUT fortunately her pain was resolved and there is a well deserved HEA at the end.

I rate this a very emotionally solid 5 Rambling Hearts.