Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: COLLISION COURSE by Zoe Archer

8th Wing #1
Science Fiction Romance
Carina Press

The life a smuggler suits Mara Skiren just fine, but when the 8th Wing coerce her into rescuing a downed pilot, she has no choice but to agree. What she didn't foresee was that she would be taking on a partner.

Commander Kell Frayne, of the elite Black Wraith Squadron knows he needs Mara's help to breach the Smoke Quadrant and to successfully complete the mission to save his downed comrade and the stealth spacecraft that disappeared with her.

What neither of them anticipated was their mutual attraction. Can they complete their mission without becoming emotionally entangled?


Kell and Mara are a sizzling duo, and I find nothing sexier than two strong characters not afraid to work together, even though they had to sometimes butt heads to find the right solutions. They both had to learn to compromise, but it just made things hotter between them when they finally came together. I also loved the little twists of humor Ms. Archer threw into the storyline.

Zoe Archer created a captivating universe and I loved entering her new world. She was able to keep a complex backdrop from overtaking the story and characters, without skimping on the details. I love exotic setting for romances, and I think outer space is about as exotic as they come. I've been fascinated by science fiction romance since I was a kid watching Buck Rogers and Star Wars, and I will be looking for more.

Rating: 4.5