Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review:THE SECRET MISTRESS by Mary Balogh

Mistress #3 (prequel)
Historical Romance (Regency)
Random House

Lady Angeline Dudley is excited to embark on her first season in London. After a lifetime in the country she is eager to make new friends and with her love of color and hats, anxious to visit the London shops. She knows that she will have to marry, and hopes to find a nice staid husband, unlike her scandalous, but loveable, brothers. 
Edward Ailsbury, the Earl of Heyward found life much simpler before he inherited his title, after the tragic and untimely demise of his rakish brother. Edward strives to be everything his brother was not, most apparent is his serious take on life. He has no time nor patience for frivolity. He is ready to take his place in the House of Lords, and he knows he must marry for the title, hoping to find a serene, proper lady.
Do opposites really attract?


Mary Balogh has weaved a truly a delightful tale in THE SECRET MISTRESS. Angeline and Edward are polar opposites. Angeline knows from the get that Edward is what she wants, but it takes some major work for Edward to see that Angeline is not only what he wants, but also what he needs.

Edward is an absolute stick-in-the mud, while Angeline is a bit of a hoyden encased in bright and shinny packaging. Ms. Balogh had her work cut out for her to make the passion and chemistry spark between these two, and she fully succeeded. I loved seeing Edward crack under Angeline's antics. They are a perfectly matched pair. I really enjoyed this whole book. I thought Angeline was so sweet as she tried to pair Edward off...but loved how that turned out, adding another sweet spin of romance to the story.

Rating 4.5

The Secret Mistress (The Mistress Trilogy)