Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: THE MARRIAGE BETRAYAL by Lynne Graham

Volakis Vows #1

Harlequin Presents
192 pages

Tally Spencer is stunned to be pursued by Sander Volakis, though she gets it. She is not his usual type, and he's just looking for some fun. When Tally discovers she's pregnant, after they broke up, Sander balks at first, though eventually does a complete turn around and asks Tally to marry him. What caused his about face? Can they have a future of love and happiness?


Lynne Graham is one of my favorite HP authors. She has a great knack for blending humor, passion and drama perfectly in a quick read. Sander is your typical high-strung arrogant ass of a HP hero. Oh, and of course he's a Greek Tycoon. :) I really liked Tally, she didn't let Sander walk all over her, sure she got sucked into the whole affair, but she was intelligent enough to see when things were off, and confronted Sander about it. This book had the added “surprise, I'm pregnant” theme going for it, which added to the drama, especially when Sander is blackmailed into marring Tally. There was a huge trust theme going on throughout the whole book. Whereas Tally is very trusting, Sander, of course, is not.

This is the first category romance that I've ever read were the couple is featured in this book AND a book next month, so this is just the Happy For Now book, but if I didn't know that I would have been perfectly happy with the way this book ended. But I do know, and now we have to WAIT for their Happy Ever After. I hate waiting. I was kinda bummed when I realized that this was a HFN ending, until I really thought about it and realized that YAY I get to read MORE about Sander & Tally! Don't forget to look for BRIDE FOR REAL next month, for the conclusion of their story.

Harlequin Presents are my crack. How else can I explain it, they are my quick easy fix when I want to loose myself, but don't have time to get wrapped up into a thicker book. I refer to them as my “popcorn” reads, as I can finish one of these in about the same time as I could watch a movie. These are something that I tend to glom onto, and usually read about 4 or 5 in row, until I get my fill.

Rating: 5