Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: THE DANGEROUS LORD by Sabrina Jeffries

Historical Romance/ Regency (1820)
Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins

Felicity Taylor is determined to save her friend from a disastrous engagement to an immoral libertine, what she didn't count on, was becoming the main focus of the rakish lord.

When Ian Lennard, Viscount St. Clair, reads of his supposed scandalous and debauched life in a popular gossip rag, he is enraged, and vows to locate this “Lord X” that writes such drivel, to make him pay.

When two stubborn wills collide there will be no quick and concise outcome of events. But maybe there can be a compromise of sorts...


Sabrina Jeffries has written another thoroughly entertaining tale of the misadventures one can find themselves on the road to love. I really enjoyed Ian and Felicity's banter and the sizzling attraction that Felicity mostly tried to deny, but of course, in the end could not.

Ian was just trying to find a bride, but between his uncle and then Felicity's interference, it was becoming the most difficult task. He was easy to like, he just wanted to do what was right, and live a nice unassuming, but content life. Though I really liked it when he showed a hint of a darker side, showing he wasn't someone to mess with.

Felicity on the other hand was not so easy to like. I found her to be an terrible gossip, even if she only spread rumors based on truth, about her enemies. She had a nasty habit of misconstruing events and she wasn't willing to budge even when she could be proven wrong. I was irritated with her stubborn convictions and her lack of trust in Ian. I know that she was trying to make a living to raise her brothers, but that didn't make me like her any better.

Felicity turned Ian's life upside down, especially with her unfortunate assumptions. It was good that she got him to feel and she and her brothers definitely brought some added excitement to his world. Even as annoying as I found her, I felt that they could make a good life together.

Rating: 4