Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Lords of Sheffield Square #1
Historical Romance (Regency)
Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins

Claire Ashcroft is out for revenge. She plans to destroy the man who ruined her family. Yet when she meets the dastardly Viscount, she has to remind herself of her goal.

Grayson Sutherland is enchanted by the lovely widow who is trying to entice him. There is no room in his life for emotional attachment but that doesn't mean he must give up is his pleasure, and he's more than willing to share it with her.

Will Claire succeed in ruining the man who changed her life?

Grayson almost lost himself to a past sorrow, what will it take to make him chance it and reopen his heart?


While I enjoy Samantha James's writing, I did not enjoy Claire and Grayson as a couple. I personally though that Claire's initial plan of revenge was stupid and melodramatic. She had good reason for wanting to ruin Grayson, but really, the whole trope of “I'll make him fall in love with me, and then laugh in his sorry face when I turn him down.” is just so silly. Especially considering the circumstances. If he'd ruined a friend or family member maybe that would have worked for me. But he supposedly murdered her brother, for that I would have expected her to be out for blood or to ruin him financially. I don't know.

All Claire and Grayson seemed to do was fight. Their enjoyable times together were few and far between the pages. I don't mind a few misunderstandings between couples, especially when they are first dipping into a relationship. But after awhile it just gets old. I understand that they both had some pretty hefty issues between them. The deck was stacked against them for finding happiness. I want to see more of them learning and trying to make their relationship work. I don't need love at first sight, but I want to feel like there is a believable future between them, and unfortunately I just wasn't feeling it. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good argument even after they've been together for awhile—you can't get along and agree with anyone all the time, but Claire and Grayson went beyond that. I didn't finish this book feeling that they would be happy with each other.

Rating: 3