Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: HOLD ME IF YOU CAN by Stephanie Rowe

SoulFire #3
Sourcebooks Casablanca

After spending more than a century held prisoner in the Den of Womanly Pursuits, Nigel Aquarian has found a sense of peace by sketching, but now it seems to be the one most dangerous pursuit he could follow. Whomever he draws is being pulled back into the Den. There is only one person who can help him, the delectable chocolatier, Natalie. 

After surviving a deadly deedub bite, Natalie Fleming has a new lease on life. But that doesn't mean she's going crazy and living it up. She refuses to lose control ever again, because the last time she lost control she nearly died. As she is readying her shop Scrumptious, for the reviewers of Michelin-O, the premier judges of fine foods, she realizes that she has lost her mojo. Her sensuous magic is not working AT ALL. Then she discovers that she is the newest attraction on the deedub tour as the only Sweet to have ever survived there bite, oh and to just top everything off, she finds out that she is being used as a vessel to receive the residual smut from Mari's dark magic, making Natalie turn into the one demon she most despises, a deedub.

Can Nigel convince Natalie that what she really needs to do is to let loose of a little of that control, to find release, and reopen her magic for herself and to help him rescue his fellow warriors from the Mari and the Den. 


Stephanie Rowe takes us back to her slap-stick SoulFire world with her latest addition to the series, HOLD ME IF YOU CAN. I really enjoyed the humorous roller-coaster of a story she penned. There was enough action and adventure thrown in with the silly to keep the story moving. Not to mention the delicious sexual tension between Nigel and Natalie. I loved that while they really wanted to indulge, they held back. I know that most of it was because of Natalie's fears of losing control, but I think it helped to keep the story moving, to show that not everything can be answered by a romp in the sack...though it sure didn't hurt anything.

I look forward to visiting the SoulFire series again in the future, just to see how these guys are going t o continue to heal...and to see what else the Den of Womanly pursuits may hold. 

Rating: 3.5