Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: THE NORSE KING'S DAUGHTER by Sandra Hill

Viking I #10
Historical (Viking)
Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins

Sidroc Guntersson almost wooed Princess Drifa into marrying him 5 years ago. When Drifa learned his motive to court her, she let her temper get a hold of her and (accidentally) nearly killed him. Sidroc never forgave her for her actions. 
When they meet again in Byzantium, Drifa finds herself in danger, yet when she sees her guard, she knows that she is not exactly safe, for what will Sidroc demand in return for his protection.


THE NORSE KING'S DAUGHTER was one of my favorite Sandra Hill books. She successfully weaved comedy and drama without missing a beat or making the story stumble.

Sidroc and Drifa both had good reason to be upset with one another, and Ms. Hill made me root for both of them. Having knowledge of Sidroc's background with his despicable father made it easy for me to understand him and his motives. He had good reason (or so he thought) to hate Drifa. Yet he couldn't deny the passion and chemistry that sparked between them.

Drifa tried to explain and apologize, for her actions (which I didn't feel to be at all out of line--she didn't mean to almost kill him. o.O) but of course, it's never that easy. I was pleased that their angst didn't go to the extent that the turn around from hating each other to loving each other wasn't so far out of the realm of believability. And I especially loved how the story played out in the end because it was such an “awww that's so sweet” moment.

Ms. Hill is one of my favorite authors to read and reread, and I will be rereading THE NORSE KING'S DAUGHTER. If you are looking for a laugh, along with some somber moments to get to the happily ever after, this is not to be missed.

Rating: 5