Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: TO WED A WILD LORD by Sabrina Jeffries

Hellions of Halstead Hall #4 Historical Romance (Regency)
Pocket Books

Lord Gabriel Sharpe, a/k/a the Angel of Death, is known for his reckless attitude. Infamous for having caused the death of his best friend while “threading the needle” Gabe has learned to show the world a devil-may-care attitude, little do they know how wrong they really are.

Virginia Waverly detest Gabe, blaming him solely for the death of her brother. She challenges him to a race. But is unprepared for his rejoinder. 

In an effort to convince his grandmother to give up on her ridiculous ultimatum to him and his siblings, he is determined to marry the delectable Virginia, though first he must prove that he's not as detestable as she believes. How can she love the man responsible for her brother's fatal accident?


Sabrina Jeffries has once again entranced me into the Hellions of Halstead Hall's storyline. I think that Gabe has been my favorite sibling so far...though there is some real potential for Celia and Pinter! I loved the verbal play between Virginia and Gabe, as the sparks flew between them, leading to much steamier emotions, as they fell in love with each other.

Gabe was so sweet, he's lived these last years mourning his friend, and thinks that he's found a perfect way to honor him, and to save his own sister. He feels responsible for Virginia, and as he gets to know her, he knows that she is the one for him. I also like how how he didn't want his sister Celia to be forced into a marriage like him and his siblings...even if they all ended well. 

Virginia has a harder shell to crack. She has hated Gabe for years, she wasn't going to just forget her past feelings. I like how hard Gabe worked to win her and her Grandfather over. And I liked her stubbornness, I felt that she got a bit ridiculous with her challenging, but it flowed with her character.

There were also some great side-story lines going on. The romance between Hetty Plumbtree and the Genreal was amusing. And I like that we were brought closer to finding the answer to Oliver, Jared, Minerva, Gab and Celia's parents' murder. I can't wait to see how Celia and Pinter unravel the rest of that mystery and fall in love with each other. Seeing Celia fight her emotions should be fun, I wonder how long she will hold up against Pinter? I'm sure he will have some surprising things up his sleeve.

Rating: 4